Bello Aloe Fresh Body Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturize skin with Aloe vera

  • No chemicals & No steroids.
  • Bello Body Moisturizing Lotion can be used as anti- bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent that refresh and revitalize the complexion, helps to maintain youthful, healthy glow.
Each 15 ml is prepared from 140 mg of each of the following herbal water extracts :

Each ml is prepared from 20% v/v of Aloe barbadensis (Kumari) juice in perfumed lotion base. Sod. Benzoate (preservative) q.s. No colour is added.

  • Vegetable Glycerin in Bello Body Moisturizing Lotion has emollient properties absorbs the humidity in atmosphere and keeps skin cool, soft and prevents chafing and drying of skin.
  • Aloe vera in Bello Body Moisturizing Lotion helpful for treating various skin problems such as sunburns, prevent itching, acne scars and scratching of the skin and heal wounds. Also helps to cure insect bite blisters and any type of skin allergies.

Apply liberally all over body, face and neck after bath. Apply morning and evening after bath. Can be use in day and night.

Packing :

100 & 200 ml HDPE tin with flip top cap.

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