Bello Aloe vera Shampoo

Natural Cleaner with Aloe vera

  • Bello Aloe vera Shampoo is 100% Herbal preparation
  • Bello Aloe vera Shampoo is sulphate & parabeen free
  • Bello Aloe vera Shampoo has natural foaming herbs and conditioners.
  • No solvents are used for herbal extraction.
  • Bello Aloe vera Shampoo with conditioner.
  • Regular use of Bello Aloe vera shampoo hair becomes soft, shiny and it helps in keeping hair protected from further damage.
  • Bello Aloe vera shampoo rejuvenates hair follicle to prevent hair loss and delays hair graying.
  • Aloe vera is a natural conditioner.

Bello Aloe vera gel helpful for treating various skin problems such as burns, sunburns, prevent itching, acne scars and scratching of the skin, heal wounds and stops bleeding from minor cuts. Also helps to cure insect bite blisters and any type of skin allergies.

Each 15 ml of shampoo prepared from 10 mg aqueous extracts the following :

Aloe barbadensis (Kumari) in perfumed shampoo base. Sod. Benzoate and Sod.Methyl Parabeen added preservatives. Green colour added.


Take head bath with Bello Aloe vera Shampoo weekly twice.

Packing :

100 ml & 200ml clear pet bottle with flip top cap.

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