Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner

Enriched with herbs for after bath

  • Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner introduced with traditional acknowledge of Ayurveda.
  • Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner gives hair silkiness naturally.
  • Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner will make hair smooth and soft.

Hibiscus flowers are traditionally used to make hair healthy, nutritious and relieves headache. This is an excellent nourishing herb to the hair improves growth and color of the hair, protects from balding and ageing.

Aloe Vera in Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner moisturizes the dry scalp, which helps to alleviate the presence of pesky flakes. Treating a flaky scalp is also a key factor in eliminating dandruff altogether. Aloe Vera in Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner can help prevent frequent hair loss and promotes hair growth. For hair loss, using Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner regularly can rejuvenate the hair follicles and reduce thinning. Along with hair loss prevention, Aloe Vera promote hair growth by helping your hair retain moisture, and by clearing dead skin cells off of your scalp.

Yastimadhu is a potential herb that has an antioxidant activity that strengthens and revitalizes the hair.

Neem is a good well known antiseptic herb that kills germs, lies and other fungal infections.


Each 10 ml of Bello Liv on Hair Conditioner is prepared from Hibiscus rosasinensis (Daasani ) 150 mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yasti, Yastimadhu) 100 mg, Azadirachta indica (Nimba) 100 mg, Aloe barbadensis (Kumari, Kanyasara) 150 perfumed polyquaternium base. Sod. Benzoate added as preservatives.


Take a bath and allow the hair to dry naturally. Take adequate quantity of the conditioner on your palm, apply gently along the hair length.

Packing :

100 ml HDPE tin with flip top cap.

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