Bello Dragon Liquid Pain Balm

Remove pains smoothly with less irritation
  • Works 75% faster than any other balms.
  • Totally prepared with volatile oils.
  • No Stains even upon regular use.
  • Totally non-greasy preparation.
  • Instant action in 10 seconds.
  • Easy to apply as it is fitted with Roll on.
  • Bello Dragon Liquid Pain Balm(Roll-on) useful in Headache.
  • Bello Dragon Liquid Pain Balm(Roll-on) relieves joint pains and relax muscles.
  • Bello Dragon Liquid Pain Balm(Roll-on) effectively relieves nasal congestion.
Each ml of Bello Dragon Liquid Pain Blam is prepared with :

Menthol piperita oil (Pudina) 40% w/v Camphora officinarum (Karpooram) 40% w/v Gaultherial fragrantissima oil (Winter Green) 10% w/v Eucalyptus globulus oil (Nilagiri Tail) 10% w/v


Apply 3 to 4 times a day on effected area.

Packing :

8 ml clear glass bottle with roll on and carton pack.

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