Bello Shower Gel

Enriched with herbs for after bath

  • No Chemicals.
  • This combination may help your face clear up from acne breakouts.

Daasani flowers are traditionally used to make hair healthy, nutritious and relives headache. These are excellent nourishing herbs to the hair improves growth and colour of the hair, protects from balding and ageing.

Usira blends well with oils removes excess heat from the body gives cooling effect and also has a natural sun screen effect that moisturizes the skin.

Bringaraj and Amalaki are rejuvenators that promotes hair growth and keeps the hair black and luxuriant.


Each gram of gel is prepared from aqueous extracts of 5mg of Gel is Vetiveria zanioides roots (Usiria), Hibiscus rosasinensis flowers (Daasan), Eclipta alba leaves (Brungaraj), Phyllanthus emblica fruit (Amalki), Bacopa monnieri leaves (Brahmi) in perfumed gel base. Sod. Methyl paraben & Sod. Benzoate added as preservatives. No colour is added.


Take head bath morning and evening.

Packing :

100 ml HDPE tin with flip top cap.

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