Bello Stretch Mark Gel

Ultimate remedy for Stretch Marks with Herbs

  • Bello Stretch Mark Gel Delivers a visible lift.
  • Bello Stretch Mark Gel will help to reduce lines and stretch on face, stomach and other skin area.
  • Bello Stretch Mark Gel Re-densifies and firms skin.
  • Bello Stretch Mark Gel Skin appears 5 years younger.
Each 10 G of gel is prepared from the following extracts :

Anethum sowa Extract (Soya Isoflavone) 300 mg. Triticum sativum (Wheet Germ Oil) 010 mg. Perfumed Gel Base q.s. Sod.Benzoate & Sod. Methyl Parabeen q.s. (as preservatives)

Soya been in the form of Soya Isoflavone in Bello Stretch Mark Gel is in more active form hence it helps in

  • Collagen boosters
  • Firming products
  • Lifting treatments
  • Multi-dimensional anti-aging treatments.

In soybeans, genistein is chemically bound to a sugar molecule (genistin), when orally taken, the sugar residue is cleaved by digestive enzymes. For topical applications, the molecule has to be physiologically activated.


Apply gently on the affected area of skin2 to 3 times a day

Packing :

100gms HDPE jar with carton pack.

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