(M.Sc. Ph.D., B.Ed.)


Date of Birth              10‑11‑1960


Present address         Dr. A. Madhusudana Rao,

                        Lecturer in Botany,

                                    Jawahar Bharati Collage,

                                    KAVALI ‑ 524 202.

                                    Nellore Dist. A.P. India.


Thesis Title                            Floristic Studies on the flora of Cuddapah District, A. P.                                                            Research Centre in  Botany, Visvodaya Govt. College, VENKATAGIRI.


Research                    1. As Research fellow in Botanical Experience Survey of India                                       project on district flora of Cuddapah district (1983‑88).


                                    2. Additional Research work other than Ph.D Associated with                                       Sriharikota flora project sponsored by ISRO from 1988‑90.


                                    3. A major Joint research project was sanction by ISRO on 5‑6‑96                                          titled, Ethanobotanical Studies of Sriharikota Island the author is                                                included as Co‑investigator.


Awards & Titles         1. Won first place in Cuddapah District science fair for structure of                                eye in 1974‑75.


                                    2. Awarded M/s Ranka cables endowment prize by Govt. College                                            Cuddapah for securing highest marks in B.Sc., Botany in                                                           S.V.University Examination in 1980.


                                    3. Awarded as Fellow of Indian Association for Angiosperm                                         Taxonomy in 1992 for contribution in Angiosperm Taxonomy by                                        Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy. (F.I.A.A.T.)


                                    4. Member for Indian Botanical Society.


                                    5. Member for Indian Science Congress Association.


Conferences and Work Shops


                                    1. Participated in All India Work Shop on District flora conducted                                             by the Botanical survey of India at Coimbattore in 1985.


                                    2. Attended 73 rd conference of Indian Science Congress                                                         Association held in Delhi University and presented a paper on the                                              Occurrence of Capparis Roxburghii DC Andhra Pradesh in 1986.


                                    3. Attended National Symposium sponsored by U.G.C. on Biology                               & Utility of wild plants at South Gujarat University & Presented a                                        paper on Floristic Wealth of Veligonda hill Ranges in 1987.


                                    4. Attended a work shop on medicinal plants sponsored by the                                      Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Govt. of India held at                                               Tirupati & presented a paper on Some medicinal Plants of                                                        Cuddapah District, 1990.


                                    5. Attended National Seminar on Prospects and problems Of                                        Angiosperm Taxonomy in India. Participated in discussion on                                                Problems & Prospects of Taxonomy teaching in India at Jaipur in                                           October, 1992.


                                    6. Attended a national seminar and presented a paper on Medicinal                                                       flora of Cuddapah district for a symposium on medicinal plant held                                 at South Gujarat University, Surat in February 1993.




Research Publications :      


                                    1. The flora of Sriharikota Island (3 volumes ISRO ‑ Bangalore,                                                1989).


                                    2. On the Occurrence of Capparis Roxburghii DC in Andhra                                         Pradesh. J.Econ.Tax.Bot. Vol.7, No.3, 1985.


                                    3. Phytogeographical notes on certain rare & endemic plants from                                             Andhra Pradesh. J.Econ.Tax.Bot. Vol.11, No.2, 1987. 


                                    4. An Assessment of floristic Wealth on Veligonda Hill ranges and                                 environs of the eastern ghats in Andhra Pradesh. In Proceedings of                                      All India Symposium On the Biology & Utility of wild plants.

                                    P.269‑280, 1989.


                                    5. Plants of Pharmacognostic value from cuddapah forest,eastern                                               ghats. In proc.wor.Medicinal Plants. 1990.


                                    6. Turupukanumalalo Veligonda parvata srenula py urukshavana                                                            sampada vati Awasyakatha in Telugu journal, 1989.