Address                                   :                       Lecturer in Zoology

                                                                        J.B.Degree College,

                                                                        KAVALI - 524 202.

Nellore Dt.  A.P. India.


Permanent Address                  :                       S/o. Late C.Chandra mouli

                                                                        CHAKALAKONDA - 524 221

                                                                        Nellore  Dt. A.P.


Date of Birth                             :                       15-02-1956


Marital status                           :                       Married


Educational qualifications:









Subjects chosen




Name of University/        Institution

















Botany, Zoology,


Andhra University, Waltair






S.V.University, Tirupati. A.P.












P.G. Dip In

Higher- Education








Annamali University

Chidambaram T.N.





Educational        Administration





P.G.Dip. Journalism.

Mass Communication


R.P.I.C.&M, Bombay




P.G. Dip in Public- relations.


Punjabi University,Patiala,





Proficiency in   Genetic  Engineering


Indian Institute of science,Bangalore.






Positions held:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Position held                                             Institution and                                Year



1. Lecturer                                           Dept. of Zoology                      1997-Present

                                                            J.B.Degree College,

                                                            Kavali, Nellore Dt.


2. Junior Lecturer                                 Dept. of Zoology,                     1992-1996

                        J.B.Junior college,

                                                            KAVALI - 524 201.


3. Visiting Scientist                    Department of                          1991-1992.


                                                            Northwetren University,

                                                            Chicago, Illinois , IL. U.S.A.


4. Ind. Govt. Post                                              - do -                          1989-1991

   doctoral fellowship


3. Officer-In-charge                              Germ Plasm Bank,                    1988-1989


                                                            Fern Hills,Ooty. T.N.


4. Scientific officer-I                 K.S.S.D.I.                                1986-1989


                                                            Bangalore- 62. 


5. Scientific officer-II                            K.S.S.D.I.                                1984-1986.


                                                           Bangalore- 62. 


6. Senior Research Asst.                       C.S.R.T.I.                                1982-1984

                                                            Manandavadi Road,

                                                            Mysore- 8.  


7. Research Associate              Dept. of Zoology,                     1981-1982

   (CSIR)                                              S.V. University, 

                                                            Tirupati, A.P. India.


8. Senior Research                                           - do -.                           1980-1981

   Fellow (C.S.I.R.)


9. Junior Research                                            - do -                             1979-1980

   Fellow (C.S.I.R)




Papers Published    :  31 Research Publications in National and International Journals.


Review Articles     :  2


Papers presented    :     International : 14

                                    National       : 30


Papers Communicated :  3


Teaching/Research Experience :            17 years (1979-present).  Handled theory and

Practical Classes at Undergraduate and post

Graduate level.


Area of Research and Scholarly Expertise:


Field of Specialization :                         Advanced Comparative Physiology, Bio-chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic Engineering. Insect Nutrition.



Exercise Physiology :                            Studies towards the impact of muscular exercise and training induced through electrical 

                                                            stimulations on the physiology of animals.


Sericulture         :                                  Hormone treatment to improve the growth rate

and organic constituents of silk gland in silkworm larvae. Studies on the nutrition of silkworm by fortifying mulberry leaf with various nutrients.


Oncology            :                                 Studies on the effect of certain hypolepidemic

drugs (Clofibric acid, nefenopin) on hepatocarcinogensis by induction of peroxisomal proliferation.


Bio-technology      :                              Trained in Bio-technology techniques like

Northern blot, southern blot and western blot to  prepare clones for D.N.A., R.N.A and proteins.


Pharmacology        :                              Studies on the effect of certain herbal

compounds in treatment of various neuromuscular disorders.


Research & Employment:


    Research pursuits were initiated in January 1979 with the Junior Research Fellowship, offered by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi, to study skeletal muscle metabolism of frog during in vivo electrical stimulations.

          In 1982 joined in Central Sericulture  Research & Training Institute, Mysore, India  as silkworm  physiologist and worked on silkworm nutrition and development . From 1984 worked for  Government of Karnataka as Scientific officer working on silkworm nutrition and reproduction.

          Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India selected me for study abroad, post-doctoral training in 1989 and joined in Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago. IL.,to learn molecular biological methods and to study the peroxisomal binding proteins of plasma membranes under the guidance of Prof J.K.Reddy. Worked as Research associate for two years at N.U. Medical School.Chicago,U.S.A.

Special Research Skills:


 Protein purification methods:


         Preparation of extracts from Eukaryotes,isolation of sub cellular organelles,Preparation of membrane fractions, solubilization native membrane proteins,Gel filtration,Affinity chromatography,Native and SDS polyacrylamide gel  electrophoresis,Iso-electrofocusing,Injection of  rabbits with antigen and preparation of antiserum,ouchterlony double diffusion gel.Protein blotting and immunodetection, peptide mapping. 



Molecular biological methods:


    DNA purification: Genomic DNA from animal tissues,Plasmid DNA including Cscl gradient Ultracentrifugation. 

                                   Preparation of Bacterio-phage DNA. Screening of cDNA libraries using antibody and nucleic 

                                   acid probes. Sub cloning and transformation of DNA. Agarose gel electrophoresis , Northern 

                                   and southern analysis. DNA sequencing.


Biochemical techniques:


    Assay of Enzyme and substrate of carbohydrate,protein, and lipid metabolism. Enzyme kinetics.


Teaching experience::


         Handled Bio-chemistry classes for Post- graduate students for Two years at Department of Zoology, S.V. University, Tirupati, A.P. Taught Biology for Post graduate Diploma Students at C.S.R.& T.I. Govt.of India,. Mysore for three Years. Worked as a teaching Assistant at Northwestern University, Chicago for Two Years. worked as Junior lecturer for four years.


Honors & Awards:


1. University  medal for Second Rank In M.Sc. Zoology,  S.V.University, Tirupati,A.P.      


2. National Post-Doctoral Fellowship award from Indian Government to study abroad, 1988 (for outstanding academic achievement and top in selection under Zoology subject at National level).


3. Received the prestigious NIH Research fellowship Bio-technology Career Award, U.S.A. 1991-1992. (Adjudged as one of the best out of three selected in the world for the hepato-carcinogenesis in 1991.)


4. Award of C.S.I.R. Senior and Junior Research fellowships.


Professional activities:


Member- Indian Society of comparative Animal Physiology

Member- Japanese Sericultural research association.

Member- Indian Sericultural society

Member- Indian Science congress


Service Activities:


Expert Referee for reviewing papers for Indian Journal of sericulture.

Members of Journal Club, organized by NIH Training Grant Programs, Northwestern University Research Foundation, Chicago, IL. USA, 1989 - 1992.


Member of Academic societies:


1. Executive Member (Elected), Society for Reproductive Biology & Comparative Endocrinology, 1994-97.

2. Member, Society for Reproductive Biology & Comparative Endocrinology,

3. Life Member, Indian Society for Comparative Anima Physiology,

5. Member of the Academy of Environmental Biology, India, 1984 & 1991.

6. Member of Indian Society of Ichthyology, 1985.


Extra curricular activities as a student


1. N.C.C. Under officer during college studies.

2. N.S.S. project leader during college studies.

3. Member college archives  association.



Research collaboration with other Scientists:



Dr. P.Reddanna

       Role of Prosataglandins in treatment of Reader Asthma

       Department of Life sciences

       University of Hyderabad,




       Role of herbal compounds in treatment of

       Reader, Paralysis.

       Department of Zoology,


       Tirupati. A.P.


Prof. Andrzej Bartke,

       Effect of FSH and Testo-Professor and Chairman,  

       sterone on mRNA transcription and gene expression

       Dept. of Physiology,

       Southern Illinois University, in sertoli cells of Transgenic mice.

       CARBONDALE, IL-62901, USA.


Visit to laboratories abroad:


Department of Physiology                                             1990

       Health Sciences Centre,

       Oklahoma University.       

       Oklahoma City, USA,     


Dept. of Physiology,

       CARBONDALE,                                                                1991

       Southern Illinois University. IL-62901, 



Dept. of Medicine and

        Molecular Microbiology,                                         1991

        School of Medicine,

        Washington University.

         St.Louis, Mis-631710, USA.


Division of Chemical

       Pharmacology,                                                       1990.

       Vanderbilt University

       Medical Centre.

       Nashville TN-37223, USA.


Department of Physiology                                              1991.

       School of Medicine

       University of Richmond

       Richmond, VA,U.S.A


Department of Physiology &                                         1991.


       National Institute of Health

       Bethesda, MD.




Prof J.K.Reddy,M.D. Professor of Pathology, Northwestern Medical school, 303 E.chicago Ave.    



            2.    Dr.R.Raghuraman, Divisional Chief, Karnataka State Sericulture Development Institute, Thalaghattapura,  

                Bangalore, India.


3.     Sri. D.Ramachandra Reddy Garu, Former Rector, Viswodaya, Kavali, Nellore Dt. A.P.




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Participation in National Workshop Symposia/Conferences:


1.  IV All India Symposium on Comparative Animal Physiology, Tirupati, 1978.


2.  I Symposium on crustacean endocrinology, 1980,Aurangabad.


3.  I All India symposium on Invertebrate reproduction,1980, Madras.


4.  V All India Symposium  on comparative animal Physiology,1980,Poona.


5.  I National Symposium on General and Comparative Endocrinology,1980 Delhi.


6.  I symposium on reproductive biology and comparative endocrinology,1981, Madras.


7.  Second Regional Conference of association of Physiologist and  pharmacologists of India,1981, Bangalore.


8.  Symposium on Environmental Quality and Conservation, Tirupati, 1982.


9.  I all India Conference on Limnology,1982, Guntur.


10. Indian Science congress,1982, Mysore.


11. II symposium on reproductive biology and comparative Endocrinology,1982, Annamalinagar.


12. I symposium on Environmental Pollutants on fresh water organisms, 1982, Aurangabad.


13. Third All India Conference on Reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology, Tirupati, 1983.


14. III conference on reproductive Biology and Comparative Endocrinology,1983, Tirupati.


15. VI National Symposium of Indian Society of Life sciences and recent trends in life sciences.1985, Tirupati.


16. VIII Summer Symposium In Molecular biology,1990. Northwestern University, Chicago, U.S.A.


17. XI National Symposium on Reproductive Biology & Comparative Endocrinology, Tirupati, 1993.


18. National seminar on role of Panchkarma in Poliomyelitis held at Ahammadabad in Feb 1996.


19. U.G.C. seminar on Medicinal plantss and traditional cure. Rajahmundry  Aprial 1999


Work shops and Refresher courses attended:


Workshop organized by Pesticide Industrial Toxicology Center, Department of  Zoology, S.V.University, Tirupati, on Environmental Toxicology held at Department of zoology,S.V.University,Tirupati-517 502 (India).1984.



Workshop organized by Microbiology and Cell Biology Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, On 

       Gene Cloning. January 1988.


3.    National Workshop on Sericulture - Soil to Silk, during August 17-19, 1985 at Bangalore.


4.    Refresher course organised by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on Biotechnolgy April 1998.


Orientation course organised by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi  on Natural sciences –July 1998.


Refreesher course organised by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi  on Natural sciences –July 1998.